Welcome to my blog....

Here are some fun facts and tid bits about me:

My name is Amy Stebbins, and I am currently working on my BFA in Fashion

I am a photographer and work with my husband taking stock photos.

I became a certified personal trainer. I love to workout and be active

I cross country ski and mountain bike

I adore ice hockey!!!

I am a Pisces/rat and so is my daughter Ciarra Noelle!

I also have a son named Soren Rune. He is an Aquarius/monkey

I have been married this July 28th, 2012 for 17 years, to my super awesome husband John (he is a Sagittarius/dragon)

I was raised in southern California, but ALWAYS wanted to live on the east coast. I love seasons, my favorite being Fall. I currently live in Virginia, and have lived in three corners of he USA! Once we own property in New England (our dream and goal) I will have lived in all four corners of our country.

I love to be on my boat! I could not imagine summer without it! Party on the sand bar!!!

When it comes to life, I would describe my point of view as "Lagom" which is a Swedish word meaning "just the right amount" everything in moderation!

I love thunderstorms and snow

I have a bikini addiction! I own many, and have made quite a few.

I have wanted to be a fashion designer since childhood. I learned to sew before I was 10.

I am just getting into knitting. I love it! Sweaters are another addiction!


I love the color pink...yea that's right…I said it!

I wear my hair long because if I didn't I would look like little orphan Annie! And besides...it is my thing.

I love autumn

I love Halloween!

I love animals and nature. I miss my animal family members everyday. They have all passed on. We are going to adopt once we move into our new house.

I love to cook, and have a collection of vintage cook books.

I love vintage anything. I am a nostalgia queen!

I love period movies, and history and art.

I homeschool my kids.

I love my family so much! Family First!!

I love to meet new people, and learn new things. I always give everyone a chance, and I think mean people are just sad.

I could go on and on about my likes and loves, but that is what this blog is for! :-) Stay tuned to get to know more about me.


I started this blog in order to share all the things I find to be “fashionable” and fun.

I also wanted to share what goes on in my daily life, while attending school, taking care of my family, and all that occurs while creating a new career for myself.

Juggling all these things on a daily basis is not easy. I need time to gather my thoughts, and enter into my “own world” so to speak, where I can surround myself with all the things, and people I adore. This is where living a fashionable life’ comes in!

I hope you will join me on my journey via my blog. To keep up with all the latest and greatest posts and projects, make sure to subscribe to email updates, and become a follower of ‘Living a fashionable life’.

Thank you for visiting Please come again

Join me on my journey!
Picture taken in MA, Fall 2011
by John Stebbins

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