Thursday, January 31, 2013 a day so far.

So far this day has started out quite interesting. My husband received word about some job choices, and we are having a hard time trying to decide what to do next. We have come to a "crossroads" so to speak. Both job choices have excellent opportunities, but one is more of a mystery. I don't think we have EVER had such a choice like this thrown into our laps before. (where you have two great choices, but which is better?) It is a major decision. We are going to be discussing it more later. I can't wait to make that final decision, because this mulling over of the choices is just putting us through a lot of anguish!

Today I linked up my Sunshine Summer Dress at the following link parties:






On Monday I begin Spring Semester. My schooling is wrapping up, and it is time to move on. I wasn't kidding when I said this was a year of big changes! The coming semester will bring with it a TON of work, which will be very time consuming. I have been so distracted by my household situation, and prepping for the coming semester, that I have not decided on which project I will tackle next for this blog. When I originally started this blog, it was summertime, and then I went into a busy fall semester of liberal arts and written classes...HOWEVER....this semester is all hands on. I will be doing nothing but designing and sewing, drafting and cutting. I am not sure exactly WHAT I will have time for, and what I won't. This is going to be really interesting!! PLUS I have already been drafting ideas for our other blog! lets not forget that...yikes.  I think these next few months are going to be VERY jam packed. By the time my Florida vacation rolls around, I will really need it! (and I am not the only one!)

Just to throw out some ideas here, I have been thinking of making another sundress (woven) and of course a couple of bikinis (need the thread for that first) Some dip dyed shorts, a stripe top with shorts, a     tubetop/short romper, I also want to make a nautical handbag. So yes..I know what I want to make, I just need the time to do it.

What would you like to see me make?? I would love some feedback. If you read this blog, I would like to know what you want to see more of. Please leave me a comment below. 

Have a great Thursday,
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New home means new decor....

Because we will be moving into a new home in the very near future, I am just beginning to think about what the interior decor will be like.
Because we have not selected said new home yet, we can't really make any firm decisions or final choices, but ideas can begin to emerge on the style and mood that we like.
Here are a few images I found around the web of the sort of style that I like. I found these images via google image search.

I love bay windows!

I am in love with this! so pretty!

Very Ciarra

I am a wood floors person. Wall to wall carpeting is for people with no kids or animals.

sisal area rugs are the way to go for beachy style



So warm and inviting

Great chairs


I have shown this before, and I still love this door!

nautical awesomeness

clean and white

Outdoor space is just as important as indoor

As you can see I am all about bright, light and airy. I love wood floors, as most carpeting is totally toxic and gives off fumes which are harmful to your health and the environment (no joke) Carpet also traps tons of allergens, some of which never come up with a vacuum. Right now I have carpeting and I HATE it. We do not wear shoes in the house because of it (it is really light beige) If I have upholstered furniture, slipcovers are a MUST! However...I usually only go for the leather sofas in the main living areas. They hold up so well with kids and pets, and are so easy to clean.
I look forward to starting fresh with new walls and rooms. I can't wait to see what kind of views we will have from our new windows.

If anyone can point me in the direction of some good interior decor blogs, preferably that have to do with coastal or beach style, please leave me a comment below with the link. I would really appreciate it so much!

Today I posted up my sunshine summer dress at the following link parties. Come check them out for yourself. There are some pretty cool ideas and creations posted...also a lot of Valentine's day ideas:

I hope everyone is having a fabulous and very happy Wednesday!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


With the new year, I (or rather WE) will begin another blog! This is something I have been been pondering over for a while in my head, when my husband actually said out loud exactly what I was thinking! I take this as a sign I definitely should be giving it a go! John will also be writing and posting articles to the new blog (his idea!). I think this is going to be FUN!

So after February 1st, I will be posting up another blog. I will still be posting my fashion blog, but I have so much to share and write about another subject, that it would just be foolish not to.

Stay tuned for the link, and new announcements!!

Today I also posted up my Sunshine Summer Dress on the Sugar Bee Crafts blog. Come post your creations, or just check out the goodies!

I am really excited about starting our new blog! This year begins a fresh start for my family, and now a fresh new blog :-)

Have a wonderful day today!
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Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 is quite a year of change...

As I head down the road that is my life, I can't help but to reflect on all that has passed, where the road has lead me, and where I still have yet to travel.

So far 2013 has already started with several changes put into motion. One of the main things happening will be a change of residence. Moving to a new home is always rather stressful, time consuming, and quite emotional. The house we live in now was our first home purchase. We have since outgrown it, and are desperate for workspace.The time has finally come to move on to bigger and better things.

My husband will begin a new stage in his career that brings much promise. From here there are several paths he can take that can lead to different things. Good things!

Ciarra is about to begin college. She seems really happy right now, and very optomistic. I have not seen her this elated in a while. I love to see my kids smile, and she can't seem to stop! She tells me she feels there are wonderful things in store for our family in the near future, and I hope she is right!

There are career choices and business opportunities I have been looking into, and I have some choices to make. I feel the time is right to make a change. My intuition has been screaming at me, and I can no longer ignore it. It is time to move on to the next step.

I already can't wait until summer. I am not one to wish time away, or hurry. I am at the age now where I just want to take it slow...but I can't help thinking of all the new and exciting things out there waiting.

Today I linked up my Sunshine Summer Dress at the following link parties. 

                                            Link up your latest creations and join in the fun!

No matter where the road leads my family into the future, I know we will be happy and do well, because we have faith and love in each other.
I love you Ciarra, Soren and John!! You are my everything!!

Until next post,

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunshine Summer Dress

I absolutely loved designing and making the pattern for this dress! I was inspired by the warmth of the summer sun, and memories of days at the beach. I knew I wanted something backless that I could throw on over a bikini while in Florida this spring, and all summer long. The drape of this jersey is just amazing, and the hand is soooo SOFT! I adore it! it's like buttah!!...buttah in the form of a ray of sunshine enveloping my bod! LOL! Can you tell I am having fun with this!?

This dress will most likely be part of my first collection...we will see!! I really like it, and it is very comfy!

I am in love with this dress!! It makes me smile!

I love open backs with special is kinda my thing!

To top off my outfit I just had to wear my favorite sunglasses. I love them!!! Nothing like looking at the world through heart shaped glasses! ;-)

So there it is! My Sunshine Summer dress. When you own a piece of clothing that you feel fantastic in, and it makes you smile, the whole world is just a happy place!
I guess if I had to sum it up I could say....
Summer is not necessarily a time or a is something we carry with us always in our hearts! Forever be...young wild and free!! :-) (even when you are 95!! age is just a number! remember that!)

May sweet summer always be with you!
Until next post,