Sunday, September 30, 2012

Farm stand fun!

There is a place down the road from my house where we like to purchase local produce. It is called 'Farmer's Daughter'. John and I went there yesterday to pick up some veggies for the meals we will be having this week. As you can see fall is definitely here. The luscious bounty surrounded us, and was so proudly on, yellows, deep pretty!

All pictures were taken with John's iphone.

Today we are off to Carter Mountain Orchards. We look forward to spending the day, picking apples and feasting on the flavors of fall!
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday is a busy day!

Today I awoke to rain on my roof. Yesterday I had a bunch of errands to run, and in the afternoon we took our boat out. As usual, when we were leaving, a storm began to roll in! I love the way the clouds look when a thunderstorm comes rolling in. It is just beautiful.
Yesterday as we were coming back in

Today is " sew and tell saturday" at Sew country chick. Come and join in the fun. Post your creations. Click here for more.

Hopefully I will get to shoot my plaid coat pics today. The weather is being a bit difficult...we will see. We also go apple picking tomorrow! YAY!

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Soren with our scarves...and photowalk!

I recently knitted a scarf of autumnal tones. I used a seed stitch, which is one of my favorites. I learned how to knit not long ago, so while it is not perfect, I think it came out ok considering my level of experience. I have to say I really love to knit! I am making some more scarves and some hats, right now, and will take the plunge, and attempt a basic sweater as well. I usually knit when I am just relaxing in the evenings, and I don't always do it everyday because of my busy schedule. My son knitted his very first scarf as well from a black and while ombre type yarn. I think it came out pretty good considering this was his first try. Here are pictures of Soren with both scarves.

Soren with my autumnal scarf 

Soren wearing the scarf he knitted.


On October 13th, we will be attending "Photo-walk" in Williamsburg VA. A big group of photographers will be gathering together in Colonial Williamsburg, to walk around and shoot pictures. After 1:00pm, everyone will meet in a pub, to eat, drink and be merry. This event will be happening all over the world, so if you are a photographer, or are just getting into shooting pictures, you should check out the photo-walk groups forming in your area! I hope to have my coat and sweater completed by then, so John can shoot pictures of it while we are there. Colonial Williamsburg makes a great backdrop! :-)
For more info on Photowalk 2012 click HERE.

Here are a few pictures of Colonial Williamsburg.

Painting by Robert Finale

To learn more about Colonial Williamsburg click HERE.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ciarra's favorite finds...Lush Woodland set on Polyvore

Here is the latest set I created on Polyvore.
click here to check out these items

I saw the sweater in the set a few times before on Polyvore, and fell in love with its unusual color. I love it paired with the leather jacket, and you already can guess how I feel about the boots. I love to hike and bike through the forest, so this picture puts a smile on my face. I really only like cross-body bags, and I adore the color of peridots. In all I would say this set is totally me on a casual day.

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I really like what Ciarra came up with here. I have never seen a sweater that is colored in this way! I find it totally unique, and I would love to have one. Has anyone out there ever seen a sweater like this before? or better yet, know how to make one?? I would love to hear your feedback, so leave me a comment here.
Detail of Avant Toi Moss Cashmere Sweater

Interesting dye process

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" A bit of Fangtasia" featured on Make it wear it Thursday!

I was happy this morning to find that we were featured on the "Make it wear it Thursday" on the blog The train to crazy sewing and seam ripping.
Thank you so much Andrea for featuring us!

You can click HERE to visit the site, and have a look. I just love to connect with other bloggers, and look at the fun creations and projects everyone has created.

Today on make it wear it Thursday I will be sharing my faux fur jacket.

I also have completed my plaid coat! it came out great! This was my first experience with having to match up plaids. I have to say that I actually enjoyed it! It is like putting together a big puzzle. I love the warmth and femininity of this coat. I will be shooting pictures of it this weekend. I am excited to share it with all of you. :-)

I think Ciarra is working on another Polyvore set today, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with this time. She will be posting it later today or tomorrow. We have a great time on Polyvore. It is so inspiring.

Time to get to work on cutting out my new outfit!!
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Ciarra's favorite finds...Bewitching October on Polyvore

Here is a new set that I created on Polyvore. I just love the Ann Demeulemeester blazer! I would love to have one. It seems peplum tops are a bit on my mind lately (and my mom's too) so it is kind of funny we both chose black peplum sweaters for our latest Polyvore sets.

You can learn more about all the items pictured here in my "Bewitching October" set by clicking the link below the picture.
Click here to learn about these items
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I think this set of Ciarra's is pretty. I also would also love an outfit like this. She is right...the blazer is pretty amazing! I think I will have to add this set into my "inspiration" bank, and whip something up for Ciarra just like this! :-) I bet she would like that ;-)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day today!
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Amy & Ciarra
Amy & Ciarra

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Staying "fashionably fit"

Staying fit and healthy is a big part of my life. If I don't workout I feel awful, and I am a total grouch! In order to keep fit, I make an appointment with myself, and schedule NOTHING else during that time! No kids, no school, no housework or anything else! I just DO IT!
When you make exercise a priority in your life, like you would anything else of importance, it gets done! There are NO EXCUSES for not making it happen. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

To stay motivated with my workouts I am constantly switching it up. We have a gym set up in our garage, with weights and cardio equipment. After I had kids it was harder to get to a gym, so I made NO excuses for myself, and brought the gym to me instead! 

I lift weights, use cardio equipment, use DVD's, mountain bike, go for walks/hikes, and I trail run.
I also add yoga in here and there, because keeping flexible is key in having a long and mobile life.
My daughter and a few years ago running at point reyes, CA

Get outside and move!

Everyone out there can find a form of exercise that will work for them. Even in snow, you can get a good workout in. I adore cross-country skiing! Talk about a serious kick-butt workout! you will never sweat so much, or burn as many calories, and it is FUN! I love to glide through trails in the is so invigorating!
One of our stock shots HERE of me x-country skiing! 
In the cooler seasons, my garage gets pretty chilly....or rather like a large freezer! we have a space heater, but it does not work that great, and I end up switching my workouts to the afternoon when it warms up a bit. In the mornings it is just too darn cold, and so I switch to DVD's inside the house.
Some of the DVD workouts I use a lot are Insanity, P90X,and the Brazilian butt lift. You can purchase both at The Brazilian butt lift is for days that I want a workout, but need to tone it down a bit. I use the High and tight, bum bum, and the tummy tuck mostly. 
Click HERE to buy these workouts

I also use my Xbox kinect! we have the "Fitness evolved" "Zumba" and "Dance central". These are fun to do, and my kids often join in. We also like to play Dance Central when we have company over! Everyone has a good time and laugh like crazy.

There are many things you can do to keep active, and walking and running are FREE! so are push ups, pull ups, crunches/sit ups and yoga! JUST DO IT!

Make sure your nutrition is up to par as well. Nutrition is 80-85% of your results! Eating a bunch of junk, will only keep you from achieving any results. Learn about clean eating, and for more information on nutrition click HERE or HERE.
This is great advice to follow

I am in the process of making out a new workout plan to follow (it is time to switch it up again!) I will usually make up a workout schedule that I will follow for 8 to 12 weeks. My plan changes according to season and school semester. This semester I am getting all my school work done really early in the mornings, so I usually get my workout in around 8:30am. I find that when I get my workout over with early in the morning, I can stick to my plan much easier. I also end up feeling more energized through the day. In the afternoons when my husband gets home, we will go for bike rides or workout in our gym.

Since the weather is mild right now, I want to get as many outdoor workouts in as possible! I just love to bike through the woods. It is so relaxing and my kids just love it.

Whatever you do, make sure you schedule "workout appointments" with yourself. You will NEVER regret a workout!

TRUE! lol!


AMEN!! this is true for everything in life!






Have a healthy and fit day!
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