Friday, August 31, 2012

Vintage Fashion Guild

I wanted to tell you about a really neat website today. It is called the Vintage Fashion Guild.
I have used this site to track down information in order to write school papers, and just learn about fashion's from the past.
In the about section of the guild they state:

"The Vintage Fashion Guild (VFG) is an international organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of vintage fashion. Founded in 2002 by a group of vintage sellers, it soon grew into a vintage-fashion knowledge base exceeding any other web-based resource. Our objective then became focused on collecting, organizing, and presenting that information. Those efforts resulted in the first incarnation of the VFG website".
Home page of Vintage Fashion Guild today

The Vintage fashion guild is a wonderful resource for all those who are interested in fashion history and want to learn more about labels, designers and styles of the past.
Here are some of my favorites from the site:

To learn more about these fabulous garments, visit the sites 'Fashion Timeline' by clicking HERE.
In future blogs I will get more into fashion history, and various resources for  learning more about it. I happen to LOVE history, and also period piece movies! I can not wait to watch The Girl in October on HBO (about Hitchcock and Tippi!), and also The Great Gatsby when it comes out at the end of December. Here are two trailers of both films:

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Morning...

It is work as usual around here this morning. Working out, eating breakfast, working with my son, and then finally working on my garments.
I received a Newark Dressmaker supply catalog in the mail the other day. I love looking at all the notions and tools they have. There is always something new that I add to my "list" of goodies! LOL
I also love Manhattan Wardrobe supply. They have a great selection of tools and hard to find items. I have shopped with them quite a bit.

This morning I was looking at some fall wallpapers to add to my desktop. Here are a few that I found...

This was taken in Vermont




Confetti color!



Yes please...I would like to have dinner here.

Great reflections!

Yellow splendor!

Yes...i wish that was me riding my bike!

Nice light!

I love orange!

I love how moody this one is!

I have this one on my Ipad

This is the one I picked for today!

My son just looked at all these pictures...He says "these are pretty!" I agree!
Looking forward to fall color.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ciarra's new Polyvore set

Here is the new Polyvore set Ciarra created. I am so loving this look. I would love to have this whole outfit! so cute and perfect for the Pisces girl! ;-)

Pisces love set. Click here to go to polyvore

Mushrooms and Mermaids...

Here are some images I have in my book that I have used in mood boards and collections. I love mermaids (I am a Pisces after all!) and I love the way mushrooms look. They always remind me of autumn, and also my hubby! He likes to photograph them.

I am finishing up my silk dress today hopefully. It is really time consuming pinning the pieces together to sew! the fabric is so delicate, and it moves around a lot. While the dress itself is not that complex, the fabric I am working with makes it more of an "advanced" project. I would NOT recommend this fabric to someone who is a beginner, that is for sure.

I hope everyone who lives in the gulf coast area is safe through the hurricane right now.
stay safe and dry.
Until next post,