Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Morning to you! fall is in the air...

Hello all, and a very happy good morning to you.

Today I will be finishing up the skirt for the"Vampy Project" I have been working on. It is coming along nicely. I think it will photograph fabulously. We will be shooting the pictures this weekend, so stay tuned for pics.

Speaking of pics, here is a picture I have been meaning to post for a while. My husband took this a few weeks ago, when some sunflowers spontaneously sprouted near our birdfeeder. The birds and the squirrels ended up eating all the seeds from them. I like this picture. It makes me smile.

Photo by John Stebbins
My family and I have some road trips in the works. I hope to shoot some pictures of the coats I have made on a few of them. We will be headed to the mountains, Philpott lake and fairy stone state park, to some local apple orchards, and also up the the C&O for a lengthy bike ride. The temps are dropping here at night, and we have warm sunny days, which means good color change for fall. I am looking forward to seeing what this season will bring in terms of color. I always check in with the Foliage Network this time of year, to track seasonal color change. You can check color change in your area by clicking HERE.
I love roads like this! I want to ride my bike here!

Fairy Stone lake by RHWerld

where is my bike!!

Mountain drive

Phillpott lake in fall

LOVELY! Autumn is so beautiful!

I look forward to shooting photos this season. It is looking like it is shaping up to be a great fall!
until next post

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